Kevin Barron writes fantasy fiction which includes alternate worlds and contains elements of flintlock fantasy or gunpowder fantasy. Ultimately, he enjoys a good yarn and fantasy gives him the freedom to make up his own rules at the same time.

Unable to keep to one genre, he also published travel books and even some nonsense verse. My current project is a young adult dystopian science fiction trilogy and there’s more in the pipeline, including romantic comedy. There really aren’t enough hours in the day.


Light Funnel

A father in despair. An ancient destiny. A darkness that can change everything.

Falling into an alternate world, a father and son find themselves on opposite sides in a war of darkness and demons. An epic flintlock fantasy.

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Light Needle

In dreams, something is stirring.

In the second book of the Light Funnel series, a great city will burn and a society will be torn apart. Only a fragile web of alliances, old and new, stands before the terrible new power emerging from Limbo. Epic flintlock fantasy.

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Tales of the Delf

Once in the light, there were two mages…

The Delf have always been great storytellers. Here are the stories that Solimo tells himself in an effort to remain sane. This collection includes tales from both before and after the coming of the Order. Written in a range of styles from the tragic to the comic, they provide background to the culture of the Delf. Best read after Light Funnel.

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Get a free book of short stories set in the world of the Light Funnel series.


Secondborn by Amy Bartol

Following  Desolate Empire, I turned next to a new Young Adult book: Secondborn by Amy Bartol. It is set in a future where the privileged first born rule, the second born serve them and any third born are criminals to be hunted down. The protagonist is Roselle, the daughter of a leading member of the […]

Lost in the Desolate Empire

I took my Kindle to Cambodia and there I finished Book 3 of Christina Ochs’ Desolate Empire series, The Hammer of the Gods. I started reading them because I was searching for books like my Light Funnel series (which they’re not really), but kept reading them because I enjoyed them and the rise and fall of […]

Plotting in Cambodia

I’m taking a sabbatical from work and leaving New Zealand for the UK for a while. When moving countries, I always used to do some travelling en route. This makes good use of the air ticket and provides a pleasant limbo between lifestyles so it’s easier to settle into a new routine at the other […]