Secondborn by Amy Bartol

Following  Desolate Empire, I turned next to a new Young Adult book: Secondborn by Amy Bartol. It is set in a future where the privileged first born rule, the second born serve them and any third born are criminals to be hunted down. The protagonist is Roselle, the daughter of a leading member of the […]

Lost in the Desolate Empire

I took my Kindle to Cambodia and there I finished Book 3 of Christina Ochs’ Desolate Empire series, The Hammer of the Gods. I started reading them because I was searching for books like my Light Funnel series (which they’re not really), but kept reading them because I enjoyed them and the rise and fall of […]

Plotting in Cambodia

I’m taking a sabbatical from work and leaving New Zealand for the UK for a while. When moving countries, I always used to do some travelling en route. This makes good use of the air ticket and provides a pleasant limbo between lifestyles so it’s easier to settle into a new routine at the other […]